Our special passion and a focus of our auctions are Old Master paintings from all major painting centres in Germany, Spain, Flanders, Italy, France and Holland. For a safe dating and classification in the art historical context we use well-founded style criticism as well as examinations of the technical findings.

With the help of our international contacts to proven experts for individual artists, we have already been able to identify many undiscovered works in the past and place them in the oeuvre of an artist, thereby considerably increasing the auction proceeds.


You have a painting or a collection of paintings, you have received a painting from an inheritance or from an estate and would like to sell it at the highest possible price? We advise you in detail if you want to sell your painting and accompany you right from the start in developing the optimal marketing strategies for your painting or painting collection.


As studied art historians we have the necessary scientific training. We create the optimal conditions for the successful marketing of your painting or collection of paintings in our special auctions which take place twice a year. Decisive for the price valuation of a painting are the state of preservation as well as origin and age. Even more important, however, is to know whether your painting can be attributed to an important school or even an artist.


Already on the basis of a photo of your work of art we can give you first information about age and origin, just send us a photo as well as information about the measurements by e-mail to info@gemälde-alter-meister.de.

On the basis of the original painting we can make a binding art-historical classification in our offices or at your home, simply make an appointment with our experts on 0211 – 30 200 10 or 0211 – 30 200 112.

With our professional competence we are always happy to help you with the temporal and local classification of the creation of your painting as well as with further research on the artist and school.

Benefit from our network of leading international experts, museums and institutions in Italy, the Netherlands, France, England and the USA, which has grown over the years. Our research also includes technical analyses of important works, including colour pigment analyses, X-ray images and ultra-fluorescence examinations. In addition, we are happy to provide information on the state of preservation and any necessary restoration work.


As studied art historians and publicly appointed and sworn auctioneers of the IHK Düsseldorf we offer you free of charge and without obligation.

  • Explanation of the iconography of your painting
  • a profound art historical classification
  • an estimate of your old master paintings in consideration of the current prices on the international art market
  • a comprehensive consultation around the optimal sale of your paintings or your whole collection, your estate or your inheritance
  • Notes on the conservation and restoration of paintings

If you have an interesting single piece or your collection is too extensive to visit us, we are always ready to make an appointment at your place.

Simply send us an e-mail to info@gemälde.expert or contact us on 0211 – 30 200 10 or 0211 – 30 200 112


  • we are specialized in panel paintings and paintings of all times from late gothic painting to works of the renaissance and baroque, from rococo to classicism
  • our special fields include all European regions of origin, including in particular the painting centres in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy (Roman School, Venetian School, Florentine School, North Italian School, Lombard School), France and Spain
  • with the help of scientific style criticism we can assign works to an artist, an artistic circle or a painting school
  • we deal with all thematic and motivic contents of painting, be it portrait painting, landscape painting, genre painting, religious themes of the Old and New Testament, still life painting or mythological themes
  • we will be happy to search for the provenance of your painting using international databases, auction catalogues and an extensive specialist library

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Frank Hargesheimer
Frank Hargesheimer
(Art Historian M.A.)
Tel.: +49 (0) 211 - 30 200 120

  • Old Master Paintings


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Hargesheimer Kunstauktionen Düsseldorf GmbH

  • Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 11+12
  • D-40210 Düsseldorf
  • +49 (0) 211 - 30 200 10
  • +49 (0) 211 - 30 200 119
  • info@kunstauktionen-duesseldorf.de