Charges and commission to sellers

The Seller's Commission Rate is 17% including VAT.


Loss and Damage Warranty

1% of the agreed reserve price of each lot if sold, or if unsold.


Handling charges

The handling charges (25-50 Euro per item) include the photography and the handling of your item(s).


Marketing and Illustration Fees

Attract buyers with a larger image of your item in the printed catalogue. If you wish to have a special promotion for your item, please choose one of the following opportunities:


Your object on the catalogue cover: 750 Euro


2 full pages / object: 200 Euro

1 full page / object: 100 Euro


There may be additional charges for restoration, shipping, packing, storage, custom duties and import tax, if appropriate. These charges will only be made, however, if you have agreed to them beforehand.



Hargesheimer Kunstauktionen bears all the normal costs of advertising and promotion. In some cases, however, we - or you - may believe there is a need for additional advertising. If this is the case, we will discuss it in detail with you and then plan a specific advertising campaign and put it into effect.