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Special Sale: Important Russian & Greek Icons

An important icon showing the Mother of God of the Sign, Russian, Moscow, Kremlin Workshop, Follower of Simon Ushakov, 1st half 18th century

Result: 47.500 Euro


Icons - Our Specialisation


Russian, Moscow,

Vassily Guryanov,

dated 1893

Result: 100.000 Euro


Our team of selected art historians is internationally expertised in the field of Russian and Greek icons.


We are providing a service without any charges and obligations to examine your icons. The service includes amongst others:


  • A free evaluation of the iconography of your personal collection of icons

  • An encompassing consultation with regard to the best profit maximization of icons or a whole collection

  • The estimate of your icons with regard to the current market prices

  • Advices with regard to the right preservation and restauration of icons


In the case your collection is too comprehensive to visit us, we are willing to arrange locally an appointment with you.


You can contact us under the following number: +49 - 211 – 30 200 120 or +49 - 211 - 30 200 10.
Alternatively send us an email to or


We are specialized in buying and selling Russian and Greek icons. You inherited an icon or just want to attain the highest possible price to sell? You are searching for specialists arranging the acquisition and disposal of your icon?


Our service to you


Our range on icons has as well quantitative as qualitative a world-wide leading position and encompasses:


We are offering two special auctions a year focusing on icons only; with thus arranging optimal conditions for a successful mediation of your icons and whole collections through:


  • The academic description and classification of the icon’s origin and period of time using academic literature and a comparison to similar objects in possession of museums and collections

  • The optimal presentation in our printed catalogue, which we send to potential customers primarily from Russia. To our customers belong besides international art collectors also museums and institutions all over the world

  • The online media publication of your icon or iconic collection on our websites:, or as national and international platforms for art auctions

  • The whole package of an attractive offer, which is essential to attain world-wide records

  • The advertisement in national and international press as in icons specialized online-portals


An important icon showing

the Devine Liturgy

Crete, early 17th century

Result: 102.500 Euro


An important triptych

showing the Deisis
Russian, Jaroslavl, 18th century

Result: 51.250 Euro


Our exceptional offer


Six icons from an iconostasis,
North Russian, 17th century

Result: 62.500 Euro


Our range on icons has as well quantitative as qualitative a world-wide leading position and encompasses:


  • Icons from the 16th century to the beginning of the 20th century

  • Icons from Russia, Rumania, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus and Egypt

  • All themes and subjects (e.g. Christ Pantokrator, Feastive Icons, icon showing the Mother of God,...)

  • Icons from many different important artistic centers as the Mstera, Palekh, Nevyansk, Vetka, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Novgorod

  • All sizes starting from miniature icons to monumental iconostasic icons

  • Icons made out of wood with and without silver-oklad or oklads with enamel; Icons made out of partly enameled metal, bronze, brass

  • Dated and signed icons; amongst these works from Vasilij Pavlovitch Guryanov and Osip Semionovitch Khirikov, Simon Ushakov, the Kremlin workshop or other workshops


Our expert



Susanne Hargesheimer M.A.

Telefon: +49 (0) 211 / 30 200 120




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•    Important Russian and Greek Icons
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