Auction 105 / Lot 738

Russia, 18th c.
Tempera on chalk ground, nimbs, parts of the robes and the architecture gilded
139,5 x 103,5 cm
Reserve price
90,000 €
Hammer price
100,000 €

Multi-layered and complex composition. In the centre of the upper half of the picture Christ sits on a throne as judge of the world and is flanked by the Mother of God, John the Baptist as well as apostles, cherubs and archangels. Adam and Eve kneel at his feet. Above the enthroned Christ appears God the Father, who is surrounded by angels, seraphim and cherubim. In the centre of the picture is an altar with the true cross on a cloud, guarded by two angels. On the left and right are the Old Testament prophets and kings. On the left, the apostle Peter opens the door to paradise for the righteous, above them sit the three holy forefathers: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob with a crowd of children. The monks, who have led a pious life, ascend to the Heavenly Jerusalem and are welcomed by an angel. At the top right, the Holy Council of the Trinity is depicted as well as the fall of the damned into hellfire. In the lower half of the picture, the impious beggars, monks and peasants, the unfaithful wives, the sinful priests, bishops, princes and kings are led by Satan on a chain into the mouth of the hell monster. Below, in small picture panels, the punishments for the damned are shown. A snake rises from the mouth of the hell monster and tries to grab Adam's heel. On its body are enumerated the deadly sins for which one is punished in hell. The borders are elaborately inscribed with the individual scenes.